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There are many bikini waxing styles or types to choose from. Whether you want a little or a lot off, you can select the one that's best for you.

Eyebrow Waxing, Face Waxing, Full Body Waxing...

Waxing products you can count on.

Full Bikini Wax: Takes the sides of the bikini line deeper than a regular bikini wax, and can also include waxing some hair on top to make a more defined 'triangle' area, or trimming down the remaining hair shorter.

Waxing products you can count on.
The French bikini wax style is similar to the Brazilian

French Bikini Wax: The French bikini wax style is similar to the Brazilian, but French Bikini Wax takes only hair off from the front and Brazilian Wax takes hair off from the back too. A French Bikini Wax involves the removal of hair from the groin and also the removal of most of the pubic hair. All the hair from the front is removed except for a small strip but the hair in the back is not removed.

Many people choose the French bikini wax over the Brazilian bikini wax procedure when there is no need to be totally bare, or when the pain of the Brazilian is unbearable. The French bikini wax would let you don the tiniest of bikinis without the risk of embarrassing moments. If you are not yet ready for the pain of a Brazilian wax, but would like to get as bare as possible, then the French bikini wax is the perfect procedure for you.

Hollywood: Where a Brazilian may leave you with some hair left, a Hollywood removes all of it. The bottom line, you won't have any genital hair left.

Waxing products at Fara Beauty Salon

Brazilian Bikini Wax: Brazilian Bikini Wax also known as Playboy Style. All the hairs are removed from the bikini line from the front till the back. Some people do choose to leave a triangle in the front or even a small strip.

This is predominantly the most popular form of bikini waxing that is done within this country by woman of all ages. The Brazilian wax is among the most preferred bikini styles as it looks sexy and is easy to groom. Recent pulls has shown that the Brazilian style is the most preferred by the men.

Personalize Your Bikini Waxing: You can get your bikini formed into various shapes like a diamond, lightning bolt, heart, and even your husband's initials, to name a few. Crystals and other jewels are placed on the skin to style a regular full bikini wax, or accentuate your preferred shape for a more fashionable bikini waxing design. Even if you get a Brazilian wax and don't have any hair left, the crystals and jewels can create a heart, initials, or other design right on your bare skin.

Bikini Waxing Designs: Stencils are specifically made for bikini waxing shapes, which are creamed and placed down, so the wax doesn't touch the hair underneath the stencil. If it's done the right way, the image will remain clear.

Bikini Jewels: The crystals and jewels are applied like body art or stick-on tattoos.

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